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 Xtendsä Server


Overview Xtends™ Server is the only application server that totally breaks the rules of traditional ASP’s. Xtendsä Server is a mixed hybrid server solution that utilizes in a subscription format and a subset of CV Enterprise Server.  Xtends™ Server allows partners and clients of the ability to extend their branded vertical services through shared hosting efforts with

Xtends™ Server is a closed Web Service Application with smart technologies built-in to secure, challenge and procure traffic between servers. This technology bridges applications within to data on your remote server.
 In the illustration above, your clients access the web site in a subscription based capacity to access files on your web servers.  

We strive very hard to create long lasting relationships with our customers. Our premise is to deliver strong applications that provide immediate value with minimal maintenance and management efforts. We have completed extensive studies in the industry of data collaboration from our customers’ position and now have the industry knowledge to build upon. We have the inside track on what really happens on the business forefront and what users really need to be productive in a changing environment. Xtends™ Server from the ProjectShare .Net Team is the future of data collaboration that will strengthen your customer base and deliver results.


It Only Makes Good Sense

With Xtends™ Server, you can have your cake and eat it too. When you purchase an application similar to to place on your servers, it can be extremely expensive especially when managing and updates are taken into consideration. In contrast, sometimes having a company like host your data may not meet your business and security requirements. These hurdles are unavoidable, unless you acquire Xtends.

Now you have the best of both worlds. We manage and host applications while you are relieved of the headaches, updates and management of the application. While you host the data, you have full control over the security and backup with direct access to the files. Our advanced technology combined with your server work seamlessly together to respond to everyday document management task.


  Our quick installation will have your organization collaborating in minutes. This deployment option grants maximum security, customization and control. There are many other benefits to choosing Xtends ProjectShare CV:


  • Easy to deploy ( copy to folder, test, deploy)
  • Deploys in less than 10 minutes
  • Unlimited storage
  • No expensive storage cost
  • Apply custom security layers
  • Extensible server side with roll-back features
  • Strong remote Xtends™ Client and Server ( Built on .Net XML Web Services)
  • Quiet client-side upgrades
  • Shared Hosting
  • Additional support built-in for ISPs, Remote Partners and VARs
  • No extranet application to manage
  • No database application to manage
  • Http and Https supported
  • Proactive management (provided by, MaximumASP and Xodiax Communications)


Feedback Xtends™ Server is the first technology application of its kind. Our clients and partners paused at first because the methodology seems a bit unorthodox. They were amazed when they took the time to investigate and acquire the benefits of this flexible technology application. Here's what only a few had to say.

" has increased productivity in our office by facilitating easier file transfer. Our previous FTP Site required FTP software that most people didn't understand. By using ProjectShare we now have a web based project site with unlimited storage due to Xtends.
Support at ProjectShare has also been great. Any questions we have are quickly answered and solutions come fast. ProjectShare provides better value than other sites and is a great asset to JPRA Architects.'
Ryan Mindemann - JPRA Architects

"At first we thought Xtends would not be reliable or scalable enough for our processes and requirements. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see the system worked as seamlessly as it had been advertised."
Jay Moore Ameri-CAD / VUDOX Business Development -

"Our take: A powerful, customizable, and economical document management extranet."
Joel Orr - Extranet News

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and the entire staff, for all your efforts. Our project was time sensitive and had stringent branding requirements, none of which fazed your company. We, and our client, are very pleased with our new extranet and the process of creating it."
Alistair Wandesforde-Smith Partner, AW Systems, Inc.

'It is a success!'
Martin Schubert, Web2Cad


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