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  New ProjectShare 10 ( Beta )  

 Enterprise Server


We license our technology for you to deploy on your dedicated web server. We take great pride in our application and have great relationships with our clients. Through this plan, we extend our application technology to your businesses’ IT infrastructure for deployment. This plan is designed for companies that want complete control over the ProjectShare CV application server deployment and access to associated data. provides complete OS maintenance for your dedicated server including initial installation, major Service Pack upgrades, and critical security patches. Additional technical support services outside of OS maintenance are billed on an as-needed basis. Additionally, provides a selection of additional add-on services including data backup services, private firewall protection, affordable Microsoft Enterprise software licensing, and additional bandwidth capacities.

In addition to a large list of pre-installed commercial components, all of our dedicated servers come with an included SQL 2000 database on our shared SQL servers, SmarterMail mail server, SmarterStats web statistics reporting, and SmarterTicket customer issue tracking. These bundled services, combined with name-brand Dell hardware and our fault-tolerant network, make these dedicated server offerings a great value.



  All Requirements are met per server dedicated server installation. See pricing schedule.
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