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  New ProjectShare 10 ( Beta )  

Basic Hosted



  Basic Hosted delivers as a subscription based service for your organization. You will receive all of the powerful features you need to get up and running fast without any hassle. We provide the server hardware, software, bandwidth and 24x7 support by hosting your application at our secure data center. This deployment option grants maximum security and control.



  • Deployment Speed  
    Basic Hosted
    can be operational in 2 minutes.
  • Low Entry Cost 
    Convenient low monthly subscription. Outsourcing saves money on hardware, software, bandwidth and IT support.
  • Dedicated Maintenance
    We maintain it. There is no learning curve or extra workload for internal IT staff.
  • Latest Updates
    Users receive updates and improvements frequently, quickly and quietly.
  • Proactive management
    (provided by, MaximumASP and Xodiax Communications)



'ProjectShare came in very handy for us during 'The blackout'. I was home on LI & was able to access the info on ProjectShare when I needed to Friday am. Just thought I'd let you know.'
Nina B.- Retirement System Group Inc.

'When our team was looking for an online file-sharing solution I searched the internet high and low, narrowed my search to 3 companies, and began to take a close look and features and functionality. To my surprise, the ProjectShare team was so supportive, so responsive and informative that I quickly made my decision to work with ProjectShare largely in part due to the level of customer service that was quite frankly lacking with other companies I had inquired with.

We would like to thank the ProjectShare team for their continued support and flexibility in helping us to solve our collaboration woes, and make the program work for our needs. The ease of use of the program has been a blessing to those members who admit their computer skills and patience run thin. Thank you ProjectShare!'
Jamie Knudten - Technology Training Specialist
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans was the first service that had a small cost involved that I evaluated. I evaluated the 30 day trial and was immediately impressed by the 'look and feel' of the site. My customers that were using the service also liked the setup. They especially liked the email message with the link to the files that had been posted. Our previous service only said a file was available and they had to log on to get the file. With the link provided by ProjectShare, that reduces the number of steps my customers take to retrieve files.

I had some initial self induced difficulties that, with a phone call (to a LIVE PERSON) were quickly resolved. They also assisted in setting up the company logos on the web site. Over the course of 2 weeks I had the opportunity to talk to customer service with problems and suggestions. To my amazement some of my suggestions were implemented immediately. Customer service has been exceptional with feedback and information provided to keep me informed of what's going on with the service.

Based on the cost, looks of the site, my customer feedback and the outstanding customer service, I ended the trial period early and upgraded. The change from trial to pay service was done without a hitch and the work I invested in the trial was seamlessly carried over with the upgrade. This has been such a good company to work with, I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner.
Ted Fry - Quality Control Manager
Control Contractors Inc.


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