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SmartOutline 2010

SmartOutline is professional free-form information management software that allows you to organize notes, forms, checklist and internet research into an easy-to-use-format.

How is this Related?

Our customers use to centralize documents and other information for their team members and partners to access daily. solves communication and version issues associated with sharing information online.

SmartOutline solves the exact same issue at the desktop. As we all collect more and more information daily, we often end up with unorganized stacks of notes, forms and other paper all over our desk. This information is normally related and important to an entire project or task.

SmartOutline aims to glue disparate information back together by allowing you to "centralize" it into a single document.
What is SmartOutline?
SmartOutline is professional free-form information management software that allows you to organize, secure, collaborate and work with information in new and innovative ways. SmartOutline operates from a tree-like or Explorer style interface. After adding information to your outline, you can save it to an ".OUT" outline document format.  You can write notes, add calendar events, reference articles or even annotate any web page using shapes, clip art and text highlighting tools. From there, export to many popular office file formats and share with others.

Screen Shots

Job Applicant


CAD Drawings

Secure Outline

Legal Outline




Clustered Charts

Spell Check

Video Collection

Drag Drop


Create Template

Highlighting Yahoo!

Paste HTML
directly into your notes

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Our Offer

Don't take our word for it. Find out more about how SmartOutline can benefit you and your associates at Get a free 30-day trial. Special discounts apply for customers and their users. Contact us for details.

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