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  New ProjectShare 10 ( Beta )  

ProjectShare CV provides robust, 100% web-based, file collaboration solutions that organizations need to centralize isolated data. With our secure web-based solutions, project teams access, update, and analyze critical information from anywhere at anytime. With ProjectShare CV, communication is dramatically improved with advanced project collaboration applications. Using ProjectShare CV also reduces travel, shipping and communication expenses. 

Users can set up ProjectShare CV in minutes and instantly invite team members, assign appropriate roles and permissions for each particular project. Our security and notification engines ensure that the appropriate team members are updated immediately about new or pending issues. Our filtered views and reports provide instant snapshots of critical data to each team member. ProjectShare CV offers simplified solutions to get team members, customers and business partners together to successfully complete projects timely and accurately.  

The deployment options below display various means of rolling out your solution to your user base. Note each plan implements the same solution with your choice of hosting location. All features within are available within each deployment plan.


The Basic Hosted plan is the right choice for businesses that have a smaller budget. Your content is placed on our servers. Your clients may log on any time from any where and retrieve their files, calendars and more. The definite unfair advantage over any other plan in the document management industry. If you have access to a web server, you can host your data, while we host the applications with This technology may also integrate with other existing server side applications. Break the rules! The Enterprise Server plan is the right choice for businesses that need a solid in-house extranet solution. Put our years of experience to work for you!.
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