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Partner Program - Registration Process

Step 1: Complete Forms and Download Applications
  • Partner Questionnaire (Online)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (original copies must also be mailed)
  • Credit Application
  • Partner Extranet User Application
Step 2: Upon submitting the documentation:
  • will review and evaluate all documentation submitted.
  • A representative will contact the prospective Partner to confirm that all appropriate documentation has been received and reviewed in order to commence discussions.
  • Meeting's will be arranged to follow-up with discussions as to the viability of the potential relationship.
Step 3: Upon acceptance:
  • A final version of the Partner Agreement is agreed on by both parties and signed.
  • Once a Partner's participation has been approved, the Partner will receive a username and password to the Partner Extranet. will provide the Partner with access to its Partner Extranet site. It will also make available an initial marketing kit, logos, collateral, and technical documentation (via electronic or other methods), as necessary.
  • Subject to mutual agreement, will create a press release* relating to the agreement for mailing to the press contacts listing and also to the Partner's press contacts. This will announce the new or updated relationship ( will also mail and promote this item).
  • Agreed Partner training commences.


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