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  Top 10 Reasons why our clients chose over the competition.

Reason #1
Free updates
You grow as we grow. Our clients have always benefited from our 'We grow, you grow" policy. This policy means you will never be charged for additional functionality unlike most of our competition that charges by component or additional add-ons. 
Reason #2
No Pop-up banners
Most of our competitors solutions are free. That's right free. They make their revenue from advertising and shared promotions that ultimately distract or dilute the impact of your business application by displaying banners and flashy stuff. We actually make our revenue from our application, which in turn translates into a seamless, serious integration of our collaboration solution into your business. We will never display unnecessary banners or marketing messages to distract or slow down our service to you. 
Reason # 3
No Software Downloads
We still have our competitors baffled at our 100% web technology which requires no downloads or software installation. Yet, we have designed our solutions to match that of your desktop applications. 
Reason # 4
100% compatible with 
any system performs excellently on any system, platform and browser. (Tested and proven)

Reason # 5
Easy to use, guaranteed
Most collaboration sites tend to forget their clients and their needs and abilities outside of their own core expertise. speaks loudly and proudly of the easy-to-use interface. The current version lends itself to the busy professional. We realized that our target design must not interfere with the day to day activities of the business professional in order to be successful. Thus the design is simple, non threatening and intuitive enough for anyone to use.
Reason # 6
No shared or harmful 
site activities extends accounts only to well established businesses and professionals that use an internet based collaboration site as a means of transacting business. We mark and or reject files that are deemed harmful or unsafe for our environment. Each client account is not shared with trial account data and is threaded to their own secure data drive. This means for our clients, your data does not sit near harmful or unmonitored data. 
Reason # 7
Encrypted Data IDs, hackers 
good luck.
What is that, you may be asking yourself. We encrypt all data IDs that are passed from page to run the site. This data ID contains your log on information, time / date windows and target request data. This combination of security logic combined with validation upon request for fulfillment, formulates an impossible structure to hack into. 
Reason # 8
Non descript design, 
means seamless site integration
Fact: 90% of our clients link to directly from their website. met the challenge and created a design that fit the design specifications of any site. Our latest design features a non descript design, that allows our customers the ability to integrate directly into their site without distracting their users and/or clients. See trial account offer or demo.
Reason # 9
Cost $$
Our account plans fit the budget of any company. The fees are based on storage and users. You can design your on solution to fit the needs of your business.
Reason # 10
Solid, proven, with a 
track record. has been in business since 1996 originally serving the AEC and general corporate market community. Known as the original file server, gained popularity before most of the competition discovered there was even such need. We still maintain and provide solid service to our core and new clients. We hope that you will come aboard and enjoy the new age of transaction and collaboration,

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