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Document Sharing


  Centralize your files into organized folders to be distributed to your team. This module utilizes a smart user associated engine to allow access to file information. Using this security schematic, you may have unlimited clients utilizing the same account without worry of viewing someone else's information or user base.


  From any HTML browser, anywhere in the world, you may manage files as if they were on your computer. The document management module has all of the features you expect to have at your fingertips such as; move, copy, delete, lock and unlock. You can upload any file into a folder and it may be launched and viewed in its native file format. Select the file, download it and begin work. 

You are also able to add powerful annotations to a file. With annotations, you can make comments about the file or link to associated web content. The file locking and unlocking capabilities are perfect for protecting file versions and allowing you to view without downloading. The files module is simple to use and a smart way to collaborate files with distributed teams and organization structures.

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