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  Pack-N-Send™ is a feature within that allows users the ability to send links to items within the site account as a well formed HTML based email. The purpose of this service is to provide a secondary conduit for delivering secured data to targeted users. Even though the Pack-N-Send™ service emulates the basic attributes of a plain email, it differs from a plain email because the data remains centralized on data servers instead of being delivered directly to targeted users. While productive site users update site content, targeted recipients may link to the data at any time and always receive the latest information. 


  Pack-N-Send™ is best utilized in situations when the following conditions are present for the target user:

1. Logging into site account is time prohibitive 
2. User is intimidated by technology
3. Non-site members may gain access to information
4. Easier to distribute centralized data to a larger user base
5. Email recipient is not computer savvy
6. Non-productive or passive site user

These conditions are especially evident in cases 1 and 2 when the user is a busy executive who does not have time or feels intimidated by the technology. Pack-N-Send™ corrects these issues by delivering a clean, non threatening HTML based email that increases data usage, user communication / response times and leaves data in a centralized state. 

In Production

  Pack-N-Send™ is simple to use and understand. Select items from the files list, then click ‘Add to Pack-N-Send list’. The previously selected files are immediately placed into a cued list. From this cued list, the user may select items to send, delete selected items or clear the entire list. Once items have been selected, click ‘Send’. The email module displays available recipients. Select ‘Send email’ on the email module and the chosen recipients will receive the Pack-N-Send™ HTML email message.

Security Details

  Pack-N-Send™ is a technically sound service that promotes good data usability and security. The Pack-N-Send™ email contains encrypted data links back to the Pack-N-Send™ acceptor host page. The encrypted data links contain account ID information, data expiration, and data URL. When the Pack-N-Send™ acceptor page receives a request for process, it interprets the encrypted data, determines validity and precedes to grant or deny data access. If the user is granted access, the data is presented. If the user is denied access, a general access message is displayed with details indicating denial descriptions.
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